selinaI am a writer and Professor of Modern History at Oxford University. I write about class, inequality, working-class history, feminism and women’s lives.

My book Tastes of Honey is the first and only authorised biography of the playwright Shelagh Delaney and is published by Chatto and Windus (August 2019). You can read more about it on the Shelagh Delaney page of this website. An Observer Book of the Week, it has been described as ‘splendid and illuminating’ (Observer), ‘clever, hopeful and cheering’ (New Statesman), ‘excellent’ and ‘engaging’ (Financial Times).

I’ll be talking about Tastes of Honey at various book festivals and events during autumn 2019 – check out the events page for details.

My last book was the bestseller The People. The Rise and Fall of the Working Class, 1910-2010 – now out in paperback. One of Caitlin Moran‘s Cultural Highlights, and a Book of the Year for David Kynaston, The People is based on the voices of working-class people themselves. It busts some of the myths that politicians peddle about the past: that everything was alright in the age of the grammar school; that working-class people in the past were ‘deserving’ of help, but aren’t any longer; that women ‘traditionally’ stayed at home and didn’t work; that if people just accepted their place everything would be ok. My history is one of anger, defiance and sometimes of despair – but ultimately of hope for a better future, one that we can build by knowing more about how ordinary people changed things for the better, usually with no help whatsoever from the privileged, wealthy few.

I am also writing a history of social mobility in Britain since 1900 which will be published by Chatto and Windus in 2020.

I’m sometimes on Twitter: @selina_todd, but I’m not the world’s most assiduous emailer or tweeter. Please use the ‘contact’ page to find out who to contact for more information about my work. Thanks for your interest.

The People: Caitlin Moran‘s Cultural Highlight (Observer, 2017) A BOOK OF THE YEAR for David Kynaston (Guardian) and Andy McSmith (Independent). An essential read for Danny Dorling (Times Higher). 

‘The People is a book we badly need … clear, compelling’ Observer ‘Rousing … My feelings, after reading Selina Todd’s great book, is that a little salutary use of the guillotine wouldn’t go amiss’ The Times ‘Todd’s history is excellent – a deft interweaving of many narratives, smart, intimate and readable’ Guardian ‘What an excellent book this is … an accessible and entertaining read’ Independent Book of the Month, BBC History Book of the Month, History Revealed ‘Thoroughly researched, well-written, ambitious and engaging … belongs on the shelves along with E.P. Thompson’s Making of the English Working Class and Owen Jones’ Chavs.’ Ruth Percy, Open University Open Learn ‘What differentiates Selina Todd’s book from existing literature is the way her narrative actually documents the voices of working-class people….brilliant and well-researched narrative’***** New Internationalist ‘Wonderfully readable social history…and – you could argue, with all the current Downton nonsense – necessary’. The Bookseller (an editor’s choice for 2014)  

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