Politics and policy

_8134979960pxIf we are to create an alternative to dog-eat-dog capitalism then we can only do so collectively through socialism. I am President of the Socialist Educational Association, an active member of the Labour Party and I write for the Guardian and other media on the need for comprehensive, non-selective, free education for everyone, at whatever stage of their lives. I am also a gender-critical feminist which means that I believe that sex and gender are different, that boys and girls should be able to do exactly what they want to do and do not have an innate gendered identity, and I also believe in the right to evidence-based debate about women’s rights. As such I am a strong supporter of A Woman’s Place UK.

Some of my Guardian pieces on education, feminism and the historical and current arguments for socialism are here. A Labour List blog I did at the invitation of Jon Trickett is here. A speech about feminism I gave at a meeting held by A Woman’s Place UK is here